“Careless Whisper” In An Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangement Is Magical

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 12, 2024

Acoustic Trench And Maple The Rescue Dog

Meet Maple, the golden retriever/border collie/sheltie cross who has taken both Twitter and YouTube by storm. Maple was adopted as a puppy by his human, called Trench online. He immediately fell in love with her when he met her at a rescue shelter. The pair formed a strong bond and have been inseparable since that day, true best friends.

Take a look at this brilliant acoustic cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”. The arrangement is mesmerising to watch and a great listen too.

Trench is a talented musician who can play many different instruments. Since Maple arrived in his life, he has made her a part of his guitar performances online. In this fabulous greatest hits video, Maple steals the show playing a range of instruments. She plays the bongos, the drums and the piano and also rocks pairs of shades and earmuffs. Trench’s talent is undeniable, but it’s almost impossible to take your eyes off this very good girl.

Part 1

Part 2

Trench explains that these performances are not a chore for his best friend. On the contrary, he explains it seems to soothe her: “She enjoys climbing into my lap while I play the guitar and usually falls asleep.” Border collies are extremely intelligent animals, so it makes sense she was able to learn her part so quickly. Trench says that sometimes he coaches her, and he “worked with her for about an hour the night before filming the Vine where she holds my hand with her paw, teaching her how to do it at the right time.”

The next day, like the star she is, she got it right on the very first take. How many humans can manage to do that? In other videos, Trench plays and records while Maple is in the room. When he feels he’s captured a shot that matches the song, it’s a wrap!

Maple doesn’t always play an entire role in the video, though. Sometimes Trench plays will Maple fast asleep and content in her human’s lap. Trench says if you listen really closely, you can even hear her snoring. That is one contented little pup. If you want to watch a video that’s guaranteed to make you smile, check this one out. It’s both hilarious and cuteness overload. After all, nearly 2 million YouTube viewers can’t be wrong!

Unfortunately, Maple passed away in June 2021. On the official AcousticTrench Facebook page the very sad news was announced, “It is with a very heavy heart to write this, Maple passed away last night. Maple has been my best friend over these past 12+ years, from the first moment we met and she jumped into my arms we have been inseparable. The bond we shared is indescribable. She followed me everywhere and we did everything together. Music helped calm her down when she felt anxious or scared during thunderstorms, and I loved nothing more than to play for her every day. I feel so very lucky to have had her In my life, I don’t know what I’m going to do without her. Thank you for letting us share some of our moments together with you. I hope Maple has helped bring a smile or some comfort to you over the years, and I take solace in the fact that she will live on through these videos. I love you Maple ❤️”

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