Country Music Legend Margo Smith, “The Tennessee Yodeler,” Dies At Age 81

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 31, 2024

Country music fans are mourning the loss of a true legend as Margo Smith, widely known as “The Tennessee Yodeler,” has passed away at the age of 81.

About Margo Smith

Born and raised in Ohio, Smith’s journey into the world of music was shaped by her early passion for singing and yodeling. Although she initially chose a career in education after high school, destiny had other plans for her.

In the 1970s, Margo Smith decided to pursue a full-time singing career in her mid-30’s, marking the beginning of an incredible musical journey. Her debut album, I’m a Lady, released in 1971 and quickly gained a mass amount of attention. By 1975, she snagged a record deal with 20th Century Fox and achieved her first major country chart success with the hit “There I Said it.” Her vocal talents were seemingly unmatched, earning her the famous nickname of “The Tennessee Yodeler.”

The 70s proved to be a golden era for Smith, with multiple chart-topping successes such as “Take My Breath Away” and “Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You.” In 1979 Smith made a music shift with the release of “Still a Women,” which brought her a newfound success in the genre. Ultimately, Smith ended up regretting the musical shift that was made and decided to part ways with her recording contract.

Determined as ever, Smith continued her musical journey independently during the 1980s. She began a new path in Christian music, where she continued to entertain audiences, showcasing her timeless talent for the remainder of her life.

Sadly, Margo Smith’s journey came to an end at the age of 81 in results of complications from a stroke she had suffered just two days prior.

Margo Smith leaves behind a legacy of music. She will forever be remembered as “The Tennessee Yodeler” who graced the stage with her unique talents and passion for the art.

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