Gigantic Foot Piano Draws A Large Crowd As Couple Play Pink Panther

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 15, 2024

Il Grand Piano are back with another amazing performance on their extra-large keyboard. If you haven’t seen these guys already on social media, then they are always a joy to watch.


In the video below the performers can be seen hopping between the keys of the supersized keyboard playing the Pink Panther theme tune. The show is a mix of musical talent and physical performance, combining to give the audience a truly amazing show.

About Il Grand Piano

For those who don’t know this interesting group, they are an Italian show company that focuses on combining the arts of music and dance on their self-commissioned keyboard. Since their inception they have toured over 15 different countries across the globe, showcasing their unique performances to crowds in countries like Croatia, Austria, Greece, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Their videos overall have amassed an impressive 600 million total views, thanks to the viral nature of their performances. The performers in the group make full use of their large piano, creating shows centered around theme music and other musical pieces.

To add another dimension, the group often features multiple people using the piano at the same time which can lead to some amazingly choreographed performances, with multiple users springing this way and that creating stunning musical pieces and putting on a spectacular show at the same time.

As well as their online presence the group have also featured on television shows across Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Korea.

For more of their amazing performances, go to Il Grand Piano’s website or visit their YouTube channel for more videos.


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