Groomsmen Line Up Before Bride But Then Little Boy Comes Out And Steals The Show

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can take so much time. For some, wedding plans take years to complete. You have to find the venue to hold the reception in, book the church, pick the food, find the perfect dress, and so much more.

For many, hiring the perfect DJ and performing the best wedding dance is just as important. This was certainly the case for this groom, who had worked for weeks on end to make the dance the best one ever.

When you see the guests start to wave their dinner napkins high above them in the air, you know that something amazing is about to happen for sure! This spectacular groom made sure he perfected a fun dance routine to perform at the wedding. He couldn’t wait to show his new bride how much effort he had put into the show!

It was a sweet gift that would be remembered for years to come.

“Uptown Funk” started playing as the groom came over and took his new wife’s hand. His friends led the way as they formed a train to lead her to the dance floor. They stopped her when she got to the edge so that she could watch the dance they had in store for her.

The excited bride sat down and eagerly watched the entire performance happen in front of her. The groom, along with his best man and ushers, danced and spun to the music in cute suits and hats. A little boy even joined in on the fun, dressed to the nines in a little matching outfit.

His dance was just as good as the adults!

The song came to an end quickly as the wedding party clapped and cheered.

The crowd loved it, too!

However, they had another routine to show off. They began to wriggle their fingers around to the hit song from Beyoncé, “Single Ladies.”

However, that still wasn’t all. The wedding party launched into a dance by the Backstreet Boys, with the famous line “rock your body.” They finished it off with aerial acrobats to the song “Gangnam Style.”

The amazing mashup of songs really made this wedding go down in history as one of the funniest ever!

Are you ready to see the dance for yourself? Watch the video and be prepared to laugh!

What did you think of this mashup? Would you want a performance like that at your wedding? Leave us a comment and then pass this fun video on to your friends and family to make them laugh!

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