In The Live Finale Of “The Voice,” Ruby Leigh Dazzles With A Moving Rendition Of An Eagles Classic

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 20, 2023
Close up of Ruby Leigh singing "Desperado" by the Eagles on "The Voice."
There are some performers on competitions like The Voice that leave a lasting impact on viewers. At only 16 years old, Ruby Leigh seems to be one of those people — her latest performance of Desperado by the Eagles, where she captivates The Voice audience, proves this to be true. Considering the fact that the winner will be announced tonight, this performance is especially important for the singer.Ruby captured the attention of all four coaches from the moment she entered the competition, and it’s easy to understand why. At a young age, she has incredible control over her voice. Plus, she has a distinct skill when it comes to yodeling.

Close up of Ruby Leigh singing "Desperado" on "The Voice." Her eyes are closed and she has one hand raised in the air.

It’s no wonder, then, that Ruby’s latest performance showcases her impeccable skills as an artist. The stage is simple with a pianist and a group of violinist. Smoke billows at Ruby’s feet, and streams of lights cascade on the screens behind her.

Ruby Leigh Delivers Emotional Performance of the Eagles on The Voice

Fans of Ruby point out the fact that storytelling is one of her strong suits, something that seems to bring Reba McEntire, her coach, and Gwen Stefani to tears.

View from a distance of Ruby Leigh singing "Desperado" by the Eagles on "The Voice." Fog rises from the floor and a pianist and a group of violinists are on either side of the singer. On the screens behind her are streams of moving, blue lights.

“You did such a wonderful job” McEntire says. “You know what you can do, and you do it so well. Not many people can do that — way to go!”

“Sometimes you just wanna cry on TV… ” Stefani shares. “That was so perfect and beautiful, and it’s just mesmerizing that you’re 16 and you can sing like that.”

Watch Ruby Leigh deliver an emotional rendition of Desperado by the Eagles on The Voice in the video below.

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