Jojo And Bri’s Show-Stopping Rendition Of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Wowed AGT Judges And Audience

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 3, 2024

Once in a while, a talented singer graces the stage or captures the attention of the online world. Joseph ‘JoJo’ Clarke is one such artist who has achieved just that. When he recorded a video with his niece Bri’Anna Harper, showcasing their remarkable rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, their soulful voices instantly caught huge attention on social media.

The dynamic duo quickly gained fame on various platforms, accumulating millions of views as Bri’Anna mesmerized listeners with her beautiful vocal runs and Joseph’s powerful voice left a lasting impact.

Their singing exudes happiness, joy, and undeniable talent, making them truly admirable. As their viral success soared, the opportunity to appear on America’s Got Talent presented itself. Once again, they performed their captivating cover, and once again, they triumphed. Simon Cowell himself described their audition as a true embodiment of joy and magic, proclaiming it to be one of his personal favorites.

Check the fascinating performance out below:

Their performance was so captivating that the audience in the room couldn’t stop applauding. Some even had their eyes wide open and mouths agape in awe of their mesmerizing display. The atmosphere of the audition was lively and exciting. When the song ended, both the judges and the viewers stood up and clapped, praising the talent of this duo.

The video quickly went viral and now has hit 11 million views with 192K likes. Thousands of positive comments are seen, expressing viewers’ admiration.

One wrote, “They’re such a cute uncle/niece duo. They both seem so humble and very kind. They sing beautifully together and separate. She’s a tiny ball of cuteness and he’s a giant teddy bear! I hope they go far.”

Another continued, “This gives me goosebumps! Great energy coming from these two. I wish they had an album already!”

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