Kelly Clarkson Breaks Down Into Tears During ‘Go Rest High On That Mountain’

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 3, 2024

Kelly Clarkson was overcome with emotion recently while singing in honor of a close friend who passed away. The song choice was a classic by Vince Gill.

It is common for Clarkson to allow her fans to request a song during her performances. These requests have led to her covering dozens of songs from every genre in the music industry. One of her favorite songs to sing is ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince.

The show in question took place on the final night of the ‘Stronger’ tour. On this night, the country music icon decided it was time to sing a song request of her own. ‘Go Rest High On That Mountain’ is the song Clarkson wanted to sing. The song was dedicated to the uncle of a guitar player in her band. The uncle, Clarkson says, recently passed away and was like a father to the guitar player.

“He passed away, unfortunately…anyway he was a good friend of mine, and he was a good friend of his, so we’re going to dedicate this song to him.”

Clarkson informed the audience of her reason for singing the song. She told them the uncle’s name was Timmy Banks and was a good friend to her. She also told them she hoped not to cry while performing the tribute to Timmy.

Clarkson used a moment of pause to steady herself before singing. Clarkson started to shed tears as soon as she began to sing the powerful lyrics. The cameraman alternated between the powerful singing performance of Clarkson and the expert guitar play of Aven as he played through his grief.

The song by Gill was written in 1995 after his brother died. The song was a hit with the country music audience and earned Gill two Grammys. One Grammy was for Best Male Performance for a country singer. The second Grammy was for Best Country Song.

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