Kelly Clarkson Just Shared A Cover Of Jelly Roll And Lainey Wilson’s Chart-Topping Hit, “Save Me” And Crushed It!

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 25, 2024

Kelly Clarkson’s Kellyoke

Showcasing her powerful vocals, Clarkson poured her heart and soul into this cover, channeling the true emotions of the song. She made it her own while paying tribute to the original, which makes this cover one of her best.

Donning a vintage The Police tour t-shirt and stylish wide-leg jeans, Clarkson confidently belted out the lyrics of the tune.

Kelly Clarkson; Photo by Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal
Kelly Clarkson; Photo by Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

“Somebody save me, me from myself/ I’ve spent so long living in Hell/ They say my lifestyle is bad for my health/ It’s the only thing that seems to help,” she sang on the opening lines, while backed by her band, Y’all.

With her backup singers chiming in, Clarkson continued, “All of this drinkin’ and smokin’ is hopeless/ But feel like it’s all that I need/ Somethin’ inside of me’s broken/ I hold on to anything that sets me free.”

The flawless performance aired on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show as part of the ever so popular Kellyoke segment of the show.

Jelly Roll Reacts To Kelly Clarkson Covering His Song

Jelly Roll quickly caught wind of the cover and took to social media to share his honest thoughts.

“I would’ve never believed you if you would’ve told me that I’d write a song so impactful that incredible Kelly Clarkson would deem it worthy to cover,” he wrote. “
Thank you Kelly- wow – I’m honored in a way I can’t even describe – I cried watching it.”

Watch Kelly Clarkson Cover “Save Me”

“Save Me” reached the top spot on the country radio charts in December of 2023. It flew up the charts due to its popularity and officially marked Jelly Roll’s third No.1 and Wilson’s fourth on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

The History Of The Song “Save Me”

Jelly Roll initially recorded a solo rendition of “Save Me,” which later earned RIAA Platinum certification, for his 2020 album, Self Medicated. Later, he collaborated with Lainey Wilson to release a new version of the song following their surprise duet at the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards. Their partnership continued with joint performances at various events, including the Season 21 finale of American Idol and one of Jelly Roll’s packed headlining shows in Austin, Texas, where he delighted the audience by inviting Wilson to join him on stage.

“Save Me,” co-written by Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord) and David Ray Stevens, portrays a heartfelt plea for assistance in overcoming addiction.

Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson; Photo Courtesy of Rich Polk for PMC
Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson; Photo Courtesy of Rich Polk for PMC

Kelly Clarkson Previously Covered Songs By Lainey Wilson

This isn’t the first time Clarkson has covered a song recorded by Lainey Wilson. She previously delivered a stunning rendition of Watermelon Moonsine” and shared a powerful performance of “Heart Like A Truck.”

She covered “Heart Like A Truck” from the stage of her Las Vegas residency where she declared her love for Wilson prior to her performance.

“This next song that we’re going to do is a country song and I love this artist and this is really hard for me to say, because not shaming any artist, but I tend to love like ’80s and ’90s country that’s just what I grew up on,” Clarkson said from the stage. “So I love it and I love anything that sounds like or that is a derivative of it. I love it. There’s this new artist, I had her on my show and I fell in love with her and her name is Lainey Wilson.”

She continued, “I’m in love with her, I think she’s so cool and I am obsessed… I literally spent this summer at my ranch in Montana like I listened to this record nonstop… like I love not just the song… I’m sorry I’m old, I mean the whole album. I love this entire album and this was probably her biggest hit from that album so far. I really relate to it.”

Kelly Clarkson’s Kellyoke segments have also featured covers of songs by Blake Shelton, Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill, and so many more.

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