Laura Lace’s Electrifying Performance of Jerry C’s Canon Rock Leaves Viewers in Awe

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 4, 2024

In the year 2016, an incredibly talented guitarist, Laura Lace, captivated audiences with her rendition of Jerry C’s Canon Rock. Jerry C is a Taiwanese guitarist and composer.

Laura Lace took the internet by storm, managing to go one better as her video soared to a breathtaking 140 million views. This phenomenal performance took place at an annual student concert, orchestrated by Victor Evdokimov, a Latvian music instructor renowned for nurturing prodigious talent like Laura’s.

Laura Lace. Музыка без границ | Мой волшебный мир | Дзен

As Laura graced the stage during the performance, it was evident that her remarkable abilities were nurtured by someone with a deep understanding of music. The scene was set with Laura at the forefront, flanked by a duo of guitarists and a fellow student commanding the drums.

The song began with the timeless melody of Pachelbel’s Canon, played in a way that was both familiar and fresh. But it wasn’t long before they ramped up the intensity, transforming the classic composition into an electrifying experience.

The iconic orchestral piece took on a new life through the strings of electric guitars, fitting so perfectly it felt as though it was always meant to be played this way.

Let’s enjoy the incredible performance below:

What stood out was the sheer speed of the performance. The musicians’ fingers flew across the strings with a speed and precision that seemed beyond the realm of possibility.

A passionate guitar enthusiast exclaimed in awe, “GOOD LORD, that’s an amazing performance! I like how it shifted into the minor keys or modes and all the tempo shifts were so tight with the rest of the band… Awesome stuff!”

Another Youtube viewer wrote, “It’s hard to hit those notes when the adrenaline is pumping even for an experienced guitarist, she did really well. Awesome rhythm section too!”

The vast number of views and positive comments stand as a testament to the recognition received by an incredibly talented young woman. While personal details about Laura are sparse, her array of captivating performances can still be enjoyed across various social media platforms.

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