This Is Why A-ha’s “Take On Me” Has One Of The Most Creative Music Videos Ever In The 80s

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 4, 2024

“Take On Me,” a hallmark of 80s pop culture, was masterfully created by the Norwegian ensemble a-ha and debuted to the world in 1984. The song, a collective effort from Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket, and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy, swiftly emerged as a testament to the band’s rich vocal prowess and artistic flair, as showcased through their unorthodox music video.

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The true magic of “Take On Me” lies in its revolutionary video, directed by the visionary Steve Barron. This captivating piece of art merges real-world footage with pioneering pencil-sketch animation, telling a story of romance and escapade.

In the video, a hand-drawn Morten Harket, the band’s lead vocalist, entices a young woman into an animated realm. The couple keeps dancing and going back and forth between the borderline of fiction and reality, creating a mesmerizing and enchanting aura to the video, with Harket’s trademark falsetto and synth-pop sound playing in the background. The unique narrative twist garnered the video multiple awards, including six MTV Video Music Awards in 1986.

Director Steve Barron recalls making A-ha's 'Take on Me'

Achieving international acclaim, “Take On Me” soared to the top of the charts worldwide, achieving platinum status with over 7 million copies sold. Its global resonance underscored the track’s status as an 80s icon and a timeless classic in the annals of pop music.

Of course, besides the captivating music video, the song was also celebrated for its catchy tune and Harket’s remarkable vocal talent, especially his striking falsetto. Its signature synth-pop rhythm, combined with infectious melodies, ensured that “Take On Me” would remain a beloved anthem well beyond its initial release.

“Take On Me”‘s influence was so big, that the tune was covered by countless artists and featured across various media, from movies to TV series and advertisements. Its continued relevance to this day is a testament to A-ha’s enduring influence in the music industry. Both the creative music video and Harket’s signature falsetto will live forever in the mind of every music lover from generations.

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