Marching Band’s “Moon Walk” Is The Coolest Thing You’ll Come Across

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 31, 2024

The Ohio State Marching Band recently transformed the football field into a stage for a spectacular tribute to Michael Jackson. Known as “The Best Band in the Land,” they captured the essence of Jackson’s artistry through music and a visual spectacle that left the audience in awe.

Marching Band 'Moonwalks' for Michael Jackson - YouTube

The video clip of the marching band performing during halftime is unbelievable; it’s a choreographic masterpiece. Imagine the precision required as the band members moved in unison, forming the iconic image of Michael Jackson, complete with his signature white glove.

This wasn’t just a band playing music but a band bringing a legend to life on the field. As the band played a medley of Jackson’s hits, including “Man in the Mirror,” “Thriller,” “Billie Jean,” and “The Way You Make Me Feel,” each note was a tribute to the King of Pop’s legacy.

Ohio State University Band Gives Michael Jackson The Greatest Tribute Ever  | Houston Style Magazine | Urban Weekly Newspaper Publication Website

The moonwalk, a move synonymous with Jackson, is recreated on a grand scale, with the entire band following instructions and marching together. It is something very difficult to pull off. However, the 192-piece marching band made this performance stand out.

They synchronize and create this amazing formation while playing complex musical arrangements, which speaks volumes of the band’s talent and dedication. This performance is a reminder of how music and art can transcend the confines of a stage, or in this case, a football field.

Ohio State Marching Band Michael Jackson Halftime Show 10 19 2013 vs Iowa  TBDBITL - YouTube

This Ohio State University Marching Band’s performance bridges generations, connecting fans of Michael Jackson with those experiencing his magic for the first time. It’s a celebration, a homage, and a testament to the enduring impact of an artist who redefined music.

The video clip of this halftime show is a must-watch. It’s not just a recording of a performance; it’s a piece of art that captures the spirit of Michael Jackson and the talent of The Ohio State Marching Band. Sharing this video is sharing a piece of history, a moment of artistic brilliance, and a tribute that’s as timeless as the music it celebrates.


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