Opera Icons Belt Out Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” At Dinner Showing They Truly Love The Music!

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 19, 2024

World-famous tenors Andrea Bocelli and Joseph Calleja joined the forces of their powerful voices over dinner at the Maltese tenor’s Mellieħa home on Tuesday in a spontaneous and mesmerising medley. “It goes to show that you cannot keep two tenors quiet…

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Imagine the scene: two amazing tenors having a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. What happens next? Well, the entire place turns into an impromptu concert! This is exactly what happened when Andrea Bocelli and Joseph Calleja sat down to have a Mediterranean dinner together and gave everyone a free concert in the middle of the meal.

Watch: Andrea Bocelli, Joseph Calleja in impromptu duet in Mellieħa

So, these two famous singers were enjoying their dinner when Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” started playing in the background. What did they do? They could not resist! Bocelli and Joseph began singing, turning the restaurant into an unexpected performance space. Other diners got more than they bargained for that night – not just a delicious dinner but a musical treat too.

The video captures the moment when the song started playing, and you can see both of them getting into the groove. They broke into song, harmonizing and clearly having a blast. The restaurant patrons couldn’t believe their luck – witnessing a live performance that usually people paid big bucks for at concerts.

Thankfully, someone recorded the magical moment and shared it on social media. The video went viral, spreading the joy of this unexpected and delightful musical experience. If you have not seen it yet, check out the video below and join the many who were treated to an unforgettable night of music at an Italian restaurant.

Andrea Bocelli

Countless comments of “Amazing” filled in the comment section, showing people’s admiration for world-class tenors. Some audiences admitted that they got goosebumps while listening to the spontaneous version of this iconic song.

We’re certain that all of you who just watched it through the screen, long to witness this spectacle in person. The enthralling performances of these two remarkable vocalists have undoubtedly captured our hearts.

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