Pop Superstar Ed Sheeran Surprises Rhode Island Native With Private Home Concert

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 7, 2024

A Rhode Island native got the surprise of a lifetime when she heard a knock on her door last month.

On the other side of it, none other than pop superstar Ed Sheeran.

And the surprises didn’t stop there. He pulled out his guitar and put on a live performance right in her living room.

“I have loved Ed Sheeran for like 11 years,” Foster native Danielle Rouleau said. “So the fact that he was in my doorway was just like unbelievable. I couldn’t even fathom that that was happening to me.”

She thought she had been selected to open a box of the singer’s merchandise but instead the “Shape of You” singer, Ed Sheeran himself, showed up at her apartment in Los Angeles with a melody, and a mission.

“He was just standing in my doorway with a guitar, which is like a fan girl’s dream,” she said. “That’s what you dream of, but you never actually think it’s going to happen.”

Sheeran’s acoustic performance of his new song “The Day I was Born” took place right on her couch.

“He told me that he used to perform on people’s couches when he first was getting started and he kind of wanted to bring that back,” she said.

Danielle was one of a handful of fans selected for the surprise as part of Sheeran’s latest project for his new album “Autumn Variations.”

Ed Sheeran : le chanteur de "Shivers" prépare-t-il déjà un nouvel album ?

The single performed at Danielle’s apartment was released Monday.

But the visit wasn’t all business. Danielle said the two talked about Rhode Island, a place familiar to the pop star thanks to his good friend Taylor Swift, who owns a mansion in Watch Hill.

“He was saying that he won an ice cream contest in Watch Hill and that’s the proudest his brother has ever been of him and obviously I already knew that because that was large news when that happened in Rhode Island,” she said.

A Rhode Island native was surprised with a private home concert by pop superstar Ed Sheeran. (WJAR)

The living room surprise happened back in early September, but she was sworn to secrecy unable to tell her friends, even as they attended two of his concerts

“It could just be my delusions, but I think he recognized me in the crowd like he was just in my apartment,” Rouleau said. “It hit me like days later. It’s just crazy like I’m so glad that happened.”

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