Roibbie Williams And Taylor Swift Share Great Chemistry In Live Performance Of ‘Angels’ At Wembley

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 24, 2024

Taylor Swift knows how to rock a stadium, but there’s one thing that can make her live show even better – a collaboration with Robbie Williams on his super-popular song “Angels.” The former bad boy of pop surprised everyone by joining Swift on stage at Wembley Stadium, and the chemistry between the two stars really amped up the performance.

To start the song, Swift sang the opening verse while playing the piano, showcasing a lower vocal range we don’t usually get to hear. The audience was already loving it, but the stadium reached a whole new level of excitement when Williams emerged from a lift in the middle of the stage to finish the verse. You can catch the incredible duet in the video below, which has racked up 1.7 million views on YouTube.

Swift couldn’t stop smiling when she saw how excited the crowd was to see Williams. It was as if all her Christmases had come at once. They sang together during Swift’s second Wembley Stadium show on her Reputation tour. The Robster, clearly a big fan, proudly wore a Taylor Swift Reputation tour t-shirt.

While Swift is known for being an amazing performer, she took a back seat for the first two minutes, letting Williams take center stage, and he didn’t disappoint. The seasoned English pop star showcased his incredible voice, leading the vocals and sounding just like the studio version. This wasn’t the first time Williams delivered a memorable performance; he previously sang “Angels” at the Brit Awards with Joss Stone. You can watch that performance below.

The crowd at Wembley Stadium went wild when England’s favorite singer stepped onto the stage. They sang along to every word and erupted into cheers. Fans online were also thrilled to see the two stars performing together. Comments like “I was there live, and trust me, you couldn’t hear them over the screaming crowd! It was crazy!” and “Imagine writing a song so good that everyone at someone else’s concert knows the lyrics.”

Swift and Williams make a great musical pair, even though this is their only collaboration so far. The English singer expressed interest in working with Swift in an interview with Grazia Magazine. He said, “I would definitely collaborate with Taylor. She writes amazing songs, is a fantastic pop star, and has set the bar high, especially with her last album. Every single sounds just as great as the first one. She’s incredible and a phenomenon.” Williams’ breakout solo single, “Angels,” from his 1997 debut album Life thru a Lens, marked a turning point in his career. While his first three singles had moderate chart success, it was the fourth single, “Angels,” that propelled him to international stardom after leaving the boy band Take That.

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