Students Do ‘Uptown Funk’ Routine But Their 60-Year-Old Teacher’s Moves Overshadows Them

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Shirley Clements was the dance teacher at North Surrey Secondary school in British Columbia, Canada. She was getting ready to retire after devoting herself to teaching for many years, in 2015. Her moves when she joined a dance competition for hip-hop were sensational. She knew every move she had ever taught and amazed the audience. She will always be remembered as a legend.

Age is Irrelevant

It may be a cliché, but age really is irrelevant. Nobody could have demonstrated this better than Shirley Clements, a Canadian high school dance teacher in her sixties. She was getting ready for retirement in 2015 despite her love for teaching. She knew the time had come to move on. Instead of becoming melancholic, she made the decision to join her students for a yearly dance competition she started nineteen years previously. You will never look at aging the same way once you see this competition.

If you have spent any amount of time online you have seen a lot of videos featuring the elderly performing amazing activities. One of the most common is dancing and Shirley had one of the best performances ever.

This sixty-year-old woman was recorded showing some spectacular moves. Bruno Mars was playing Uptown Funk as the younger dancers made their appearances and claimed their spots. But Shirley joining them had every jaw hit the floor.

Shirley Crushed It

Shirley did a lot more than just dance well for a woman in her sixties. She hit every single move perfectly right along with the younger dancers. She taught her students every dance move she knew and displayed them exceptionally well.

The entire crowd went crazy just watching her. After one minute, the boys took center stage as the girls moved back. The boys were joined by their favorite teacher and her success was astounding.

After twenty seconds, she did something the majority of people could never accomplish, a headstand. She ended her career with quite a bang. All of her students gathered around her to make sure she received every bit of hype she had earned.

The video below is nothing less than absolutely amazing as this teacher proves she knows how to dance.

There is nothing quite like a hip-hop competition to prove age is meaningless. Help make sure everyone enjoys the antics of this incredible teacher by passing this on to your friends and loved ones now! 

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