‘Unchained Melody’ Played On Guitar And Panflute By Two Brothers

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Inka Gold is a music group consisting of two brothers from Ecuador. Oscar and Santiago Vegas did a cover of the classic Unchained Melody and posted the video in January 2015, but it has been gaining attention again in 2020.

When it comes to song covers posted online, the most common instruments used in these videos are the piano and guitar. The human voice is considered an instrument as well, each one unique and able to evoke emotion.

Oscar and Santiago are descended from the ancient Incan people. According to their website, their music pays tribute to a musical tradition which “mimicked the roaring winds and sounds of the great Andes Mountains” by using traditional instruments to create and perform contemporary pieces. They have been performing across the US since 1998.

What Is A Panflute

According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, the pan flute or panpipes was a musical wind instrument first used by the ancient Greeks. They are constructed from four to 18 cane tubes which are fastened together using cane, flax, or wax

It is played by holding the instrument with both hands and blowing across the top end of each tube. Each tube produces a different note, and the result is a deep and rice tune.

You can enjoy the beautiful sound of the panflute in the video above. Be sure to pass this along to your friends and family.

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