Taylor Swift, Halsey, And Camila Cabello Create Magic With A Dazzling Medley Of Taylor’s Hits

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 20, 2024

Taylor Swift, boasting an impressive array of megahits, took center stage at the American Music Awards, delivering a show-stopping live medley. While Taylor alone could have headlined the event, she brought a surprise by inviting friends Halsey and Camila Cabello to join her, igniting the stage with the dance floor anthem “Shake it Off.”

Taylor Swift Brings Out Camila Cabelllo And Halsey And Shakes It Off With  Surprise AMAs Moves | Access

The medley kicked off with snippets of Taylor’s iconic songs like “The Man,” “Love Story,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “Blank Space.” Just past the six-minute mark, the energy peaked with the infectious beats of “Shake it Off.” In a dynamic collaboration, Taylor and Halsey led the first verse, with Cabello taking charge of the pre-chorus, and all three stars harmonizing for the chorus.

Watch Taylors’ impressive performances in the video below, which has amassed over 107 million views:

The performance exuded attitude during the dance break in the bridge, showcasing not only their stage presence but also their vocal prowess. The rare assembly of so much star power on one stage resonated with the audience, who enthusiastically sang along to every word.

After this incredible display of vocal firepower, Halsey and Camila gracefully exited the stage, leaving Taylor to transition seamlessly. She sat down at the piano, slowing down the tempo, and serenaded the audience with her heartfelt ballad “Lover.” The performance took an enchanting turn as a skilled ballet couple added a romantic dance, creating a captivating blend of music and movement.

Numerous viewers gave sincere compliments to three amazing artists. One wrote, “3 insanely talented women that all have unique and different voices but sound so good together! I love all of them.”

Another continued, “Wow, what a performance! Taylor Swift, Halsey and Camila Cabello are amazing artists and they rocked the stage with their medley of hits. I loved how they sang “Shake It Off” together and showed their friendship and support for each other. This is the best thing I’ve seen on the AMAs!”

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