8-Year-Old Seemed Too Shy To Sing, But She Leaves Judges Speechless With Adorable Audition

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 22, 2024

8 Year Old Polly-Ivanova’s Audition Might Be the Cutest Thing You’ll Watch Today

It appears that the music show phenomenon has traveled all around the world. We’ve seen some incredible performances from talented children and teens of all nations, but the audition we found for you today is nothing short of amazing.

One year ago, an 8-year-old girl named Polly Ivanova took the stage on Bulgaria’s Got Talent. The crowd couldn’t get enough of her cuteness as she stood center stage, but when she began to sing, a soulful voice came pouring out. The crowd was held in rapt attention, and judges watched on in disbelief as Polly skillfully sang Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ in a way that would make even Bey just a little jealous.

While a song of such emotion and life experience might seem too far out of this little one’s scope of emotional understanding, it’s clear that in her own way, she feels this song as deeply as anyone.

The judges were so enthralled by Polly’s performance that they didn’t blink an eye as she sang through the entire song. Her adorable pronunciations of a language she doesn’t speak were so cute, we don’t think even Simon could have pulled the plug on her incredible show.

We’ll let you experience the dazzling details of her performance yourself. Just know it’s all that you’ll be talking about today.

Check out Polly’s adorable audition in the video below!

Got Talent is a famous competition and it exists in more than 58 countries. The fact that the competition gives many talented participants the opportunity to become famous is welcome. Many talented participants became famous on this stage and among them there are those who are famous singers today.

8 Year Old Polly-Ivanova's Audition Might Be the Cutest Thing You'll Watch Today - Salt 106.5

This performance left a great impression not only on the audience but also on the jury. The 8-year-old girl came on stage and performed in such a way that she captured the hearts of the audience. The girl is Bulgarian, her name is Polly. The little boy presented a song that was once also nominated for the “Grammy”.

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She really deserves to win because he performs wonderfully.
The jury was crazy about the girl’s amazing performance. It seems that this is what was needed. He not only has a powerful voice, but also sings beautifully.


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