The Buskersofglasgow Discover A Fantastic Vocalist On The Corner Of Glasgow

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 14, 2024

This is a delightful treat for your day – a sweet voice echoing in a corner of Glasgow, Scotland. Talented young singer Simon Sims performed the song “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again,” captured by the BuskersofGlasgow, who discover the incredible talents in their city. Simon sang passionately, swaying to the melody.

There is no shame seen on his bright face throughout the performance. Though it’s hard to know how many people stopped to enjoy his performance, this young man politely said, “Thank you” to his audience after the song finished. Let’s enjoy his amazing performance in the video below:

As soon as this video was released on social media, it got huge attention. Numerous people around the world left positive comments, praising for his incredible voice.

A person wrote, “What an amazing voice you have. I could listen to you for hours. I hope you are discovered and have a great singing career ahead of you. Tom Jones will be very impressed with how you sang his song. The very best of luck.” Another added, “Very impressive! You have an amazing voice. Keep doing what makes you happy! Keep on singing and smiling! May God Bless you”

Apart from applauding Simon’s performance, we can’t overlook BuskersOfGlasgow’s fantastic discovery. For those unfamiliar with this account, BuskersOfGlasgow began as an Instagram account and a Facebook page, featuring archival performance videos of the incredibly talented buskers of Glasgow recorded since 2018. This channel is run by a music enthusiast in Glasgow named Carolyn Sleith.

Carolyn started recording videos of local buskers from around Glasgow and sharing them to social media. As of early 2024, Facebook garnered 581K followers, and the Instagram account hit 9,500 followers. Carolyn is discovering and showcasing Scotland’s remarkable talent on its historic streets single-handedly.

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