The Charming Girl Sang Very Beautifully On Stage And The Jury Realized That The Girl Will Go Down In History

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 21, 2024


The Voice is a wonderful competition. During the French auditions, the girl performed the song so wonderfully on stage that the jury realized that the girl will go down in history. The girl’s name is Lu Mai. The girl’s voice was not only great, but also she was very charming. She chose a song that was not so easy to perform. From the first notes it became clear that she is not only charming but also talented. The jury is waiting was at the girl’s performance.

Numa cena inédita, os jurados tocaram a campainha ao mesmo tempo quando ouviram esta voz

When she started to sing, the audience and the jury listened absorbed. His powerful voice spread throughout the hall and he attracted all the attention of the jury. Louis sang very calmly on the stage and it seems that he already understood from the jury’s face what was waiting for him. He is talented, this is not up for debate.


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