The Girls Were Nervous When They First Stepped On The Stage, But All Of Them Ended Up Giving A Performance Of Their Lifetime!

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 8, 2024

Performing in front of a massive crowd is not a joke. It is a tough job and requires quite a bit of confidence. However, in order to showcase their skills to the world, hundreds do exactly that every year on talent shows.

One of the most famous platforms is Britain’s Got Talent. The video below features a participating group from the show called “Angelicus Celtis”. The choir group consists of 17 young ladies who wanted to make their instructor proud.

The girls were nervous when they first stepped on the stage, but all of them ended up giving a performance of their lifetime! Their flawless rendition of Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” ended up wowing not only the audience, but the tough judges as well.

Before they belted out the classic, they explained why their audition meant so much to them. The couple that tutored them got in a serious car accident that cost the wife, Jean, her life, and left the husband, John, badly injured. Despite everything, John knew that he had to give the girls a chance for an audition.

The man returned to coaching the girls in memory of his loving wife. He came along with the group during the audition. And I am sure their beautiful performance no doubt did him proud! Even Simon claimed that their version of the song was the best he’s ever heard.

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