The Judges Are Blown Away By The 13-Year-Old’s Rendition Of “Rocket Man” – Sounds Exactly Like Elton John

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 7, 2024

Out of this world! Kerr James wows with ‘Rocketman’

Scottish Teenage singer Kerr James wowed the BGT 2019 judges with his semi-final performance of Elton Johns ‘Rocket Man.’ The 13-year-old received a well-earned standing ovation for his skill on the piano.

When Scotland’s own Kerr James took to the stage on “Britain’s Got Talent” during the 2019 semi-finals, he brought with him a huge voice, a white piano, and a voice way too large for a kid who’s only 13 years old.

Said one fan: “I think Sir Elton would be impressed. Big voice for a youngster and can play two instruments well enough to have the confidence to play them on the show.”

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