They Said He was Too Heavy, but He Knocks Their Socks Off With Epic Swing Routine

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 29, 2024

Sometimes we make snap judgments about people based upon how they look. We know we shouldn’t, we try not to, but sometimes we still do. Just ask dancer John Lindo.Ezoic

When you first look at John, you probably wouldn’t immediately think he’s a dancer. He is tall and admits he’s heavy. He’s heard some people say he was too heavy to be taken seriously in the dance world. But rather than let other people’s first impressions of him bring him down, John has taken it as a challenge. He focused his energy on becoming a dancer–and wow, has he succeeded.

obese dancer surprises audience

It’s been more than two decades since John started swing dancing. He has competed and won numerous competitions, including the U.S. Open. And when he takes the stage with his partner Deborah Szekely, no force on earth can stop them.

The entire floor goes silent the moment the two start performing. You can tell by the ease in Lindo’s moves and the happiness in his face that he was born to dance. And he’d never stop regardless of whether anyone believes he is a dancer or not. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought–and maybe why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!Ezoic

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