This 14-Year-Old Earned The Golden Buzzer With Her Perfect Rendition Of Lady Gaga’s “A Star Is Born”

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 19, 2024

In the climactic moment of the biopic film “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga delivers a riveting rendition of “I’ll Never Love Again,” a performance that showcases her character Ally’s journey and vocal prowess. Matching Gaga’s intensity would daunt many, but 14-year-old Iveta Tumasonyte stepped up to the challenge during her 2019 audition for Ireland’s Got Talent.

Golden Buzzer 14 Year Old Girl Gets Michelle's Heart “Ireland's Got Talent  2019” - YouTube

The young singer, with roots in Lithuania and raised in Ireland, announced her song choice to judges Louis Walsh, Michelle Visage, Denise van Outen, and Jason Byrne. “That’s a big song for a 14-year-old. But we are pulling for you,” Visage said some words of encouragement. The atmosphere was tense with anticipation as Iveta began to sing. Can the teenager do it?

As the opening piano bars started, presenter Lucy Kennedy hugged Tumasonyte’s mother at the side of the stage. “Fourteen, she’s a baby!” Kennedy whispered in amazement. “My baby,” Tumasonyte’s mother said proudly, already welling up with tears. Tumasonyte sang the opening, and the crowd cheered upon hearing her accomplished vocal abilities that belied her years.

Well, they were in for a treat. As Iveta’s voice filled the room, the audience’s response was immediate and enthusiastic, her mature vocal talent silencing any doubts. Her confidence grew throughout the performance, captivating everyone as she moved center stage, her final notes earning a standing ovation and solidifying her as a formidable talent.

What came next was a moment straight out of a fairy tale. Michelle Visage, visibly moved, hit the Golden Buzzer, propelling Iveta into a whirlwind of emotions and marking a turning point in the young singer’s journey. The stage was filled with joy and tears, as Iveta, momentarily lost for words, basked in the overwhelming support and love. She shared the poignant with her mother, who was jubilantly encouraging her daughter from backstage.

Securing her place in the semi-finals with the Golden Buzzer, Iveta later delivered a powerful performance of Jessie J’s “Flashlight.” Though she didn’t advance to the final, her audition remains one of the most inspiring stories ever, evidenced by the 16 million views on YouTube. Iveta Tumasonyte, through her remarkable audition, proved that a new star had indeed emerged, promising an exciting future ahead in music. Just like the movie’s title, a star was born, indeed.

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