With Just Two Years Of Practice, He Mastered How To Play Chopin’s Minute Waltz, A Very Difficult Piece

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 19, 2024

godupdates five-year-old pianist

This five-year-old pianist played a very difficult piece and it was amazing. You have got to see this jaw-dropping performance.

Evan Le is a young pianist who has been playing the piano since he was just three years old. With just two years of practice, he mastered how to play Chopin’s Minute Waltz, a very difficult piece. He does not appear to be nervous at all.

godupdates five-year-old pianist

Credit: Rumble/EvanLeOfficial

In fact, he is so calm and confident. I am certain that it is because he practices really hard. And he plays so well to not have been from a musical family! He just fell in love with music and was so eager to learn.

godupdates five-year-old pianist

Credit: Rumble/EvanLeOfficial

And that is what led him to be the phenomenal pianist that you see in this video. His fingers are dancing gracefully up and down the black and white keys. Evan did not mess up at all. He played passionately and perfectly. Everyone in the audience listened in silent astonishment.

EvanLegodupdates five-year-old pianist

Credit: Rumble/Official

I would have loved to see his performance in person. If Evan can play this piece perfectly, then imagine was else he could do! He is well on his way to a very successful career! Good job, to the little pianist! His performance was nothing short of beautiful!


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