This 19-Year-Old Train Station Performance From Ed Sheeran Will Show You How His Career Bloomed

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 19, 2024

Did you know that before hitting stardom, the acclaimed Ed Sheeran used to perform his music at train stations? Back on the 10th of June, 2010, before he hit the big time, Ed Sheeran participated in the Station Sessions project, aiming to bring live music to local commuters. He set up his gig at St Pancras Train Station, captivating a modest yet passionate crowd.

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In an interview just before this performance, the then nineteen-year-old Sheeran modestly underestimated his future impact, commenting, “My music doesn’t really hit everyone,” and considered it would be a stroke of incredible luck if it ever did. Little did he know the monumental fame and success that awaited him.

Fast forward to September 2011, and Sheeran’s first album, +, soared to the top of the UK album charts. At the time of the Station Sessions, though, the Halifax-native was still an indie artist, having self-published several EPs that hadn’t even made a dent in the Top 40. This performance was a perfect opportunity to introduce his charismatic voice to a wider audience.

Sheeran started things off with a rendition of the 19th-century gospel tune “Wayfaring Stranger.” Sheeran showcased his versatility, effortlessly weaving between folk and rap, and he skillfully engaged the crowd, encouraging them to sing along and gather into a circle. Besides, the artist also shared his passion for loop pedals with an interviewer, a technique that would eventually become his hallmark.

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Even when he has been a renowned artist, Ed Sheeran still sticks to his street-performing gig occasionally. In 2017, the singer was once again seen busking on the streets to the delight of fans who were thrilled to witness such a personal performance. By then, Sheeran had transformed into a worldwide sensation, on the verge of releasing his third album, Divide, that year’s global top seller. Sheeran then launched into “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” making fans scream in excitement.

Although he was older and more popular, Sheeran’s love for street performances still shone as brightly as during his Station Sessions days. The main difference in 2017 was the audience’s familiarity with every lyric, ready to sing back to him. Sheeran’s ability to generate the crowd both on-stage and on the sidewalk curb is simply unmatched, and fans can look forward to more equally spectacular performances in the future.

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