This Man Suddenly Bursts Out Singing At A Pizza Restaurant, Captures Everyone With His Pavarotti-Like Voice

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 18, 2024

It could’ve easily been a dinner disaster. Picture this: You’re enjoying a cozy Italian dinner, and suddenly, a man from Dusseldorf, before even tasting his pizza, bursts into opera mode and belts out his voice out of nowhere. Now, the aroma of a fresh pizza might stir some musical inclinations, but most would refrain from singing in public like that.

However, the spontaneous performer at Rossi pizzeria in Würselener, Germany, wasn’t just any overzealous foodie. He was Ricardo Marinello, a gifted operatic tenor with formal training from the music school in Krefeld and later the Robert Schumann Music Academy in Düsseldorf.

Ricardo, born to a German mother and Italian father, claimed victory on Germany’s Got Talent in 2007 at just 18. This triumph led to his debut album and continued classical studies at the Robert Schumann Music School until 2014. His talents have earned him a scholarship from the Richard Wagner Association and roles in numerous operas and oratorios. A very talented and decorated man indeed.

In a modern twist, Marinello, alongside his manager, ventured into the realm of social media to draw a younger crowd to classical music. Adopting the “Sudden Singer” moniker, he’s taken his talents to TikTok and beyond. This strategy included belting out arias to unsuspecting diners and fast-food patrons alike, challenging traditional venues for opera performances. Here’s one of them.

While serenading a pizza slice with Verdi’s ‘La donna è mobile’ is one thing, performing for a McDonald’s french fry is quite another. Despite some playful skepticism about his choice of stages, Marinello’s aim is clear: bring opera to the people, especially the youth, regardless of the settings and backgrounds. “My passion is music and if young people, in particular, don’t come to the opera, then the opera should come to them,” Marinello explained.

Marinello’s performances, including his viral pizzeria act, have not only showcased his vocal prowess but also his ability to connect with new audiences. Even Marinello himself admitted that his restaurant skit wasn’t easy to pull off. His remarkable rendition of Verdi’s aria, right down to the high B, captured over 28 million TikTok views in days, proving the power of music to transcend conventional settings.

Continuing his “sudden” performances, Marinello’s innovative approach has even caught the attention of Italian pop icon Eros Ramazzotti. With plans to maintain his surprise concerts, Marinello is set for more formal appearances in Germany, further blurring the lines between opera houses and everyday life. A dream come true for the talented tenor!

For those enchanted by Marinello’s unique approach to opera, follow his journey on TikTok, Instagram or his official website.

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