This Talented Group Successfully Covers Elvis’ “Can’t Help But Falling In Love With You” In Acapella Style

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 28, 2024

Elvis Presley, the undoubted King of Rock and Roll, remains unparalleled in the music world. His unique blend of good looks, magnetic charm, and captivating voice not only won over hearts but also cemented his status as a musical icon. Legendary songs such as “Jailhouse Rock” and “Can’t Help But Falling In Love With You” are loved throughout generations, and we can’t help but sing along whenever we hear them on the radio in a local bar.

Of course, Elvis was more than just a pretty face; his artistry spanned across various genres, from electrifying rock n roll to soulful gospel, setting a high standard for future musicians. His enduring appeal is evident, with countless covers of his songs circulating online, proving his timeless legacy.

Well, enter 7th Ave, a talented acapella group that took on the challenge of covering Elvis’s beloved “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” Their rendition of the iconic tune is so good, skillfully performing without any instrumental backing, showcasing that sometimes, all you need is the power of voice and the synergy between artists.

Who needs background music when you can sing them out loud? Their performance adds a fresh layer to this classic, demonstrating the song’s universal appeal and the endless possibilities of vocal harmony. Here’s to 7th Ave continuing to enchant us with their acapella melodies.

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