This Talented Maestro Completely Nails A J.S.Bach Using An 11-String Guitar

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 3, 2024

Göran Söllscher, a maestro of strings hailing from Växjö, Sweden, has been enchanting the world with his guitar since he was just seven. His journey into music took him from the cozy corners of Kalmar to the esteemed halls of the Malmö Conservatory and the Royal Conservatory of Copenhagen, refining his artistry from the tender age of 20.

In a spellbinding performance, Söllscher brings a new life to The Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’, a song that originally mesmerized listeners in 1966. Armed with a unique 11-stringed guitar, he navigates the complex arrangement with a grace that belies the instrument’s extended range, delivering a rendition that marries the depth of the original with his own serene touch.

Söllscher’s brilliance was spotlighted early on during his studies, catching the eye of Europe’s classical music scene. His prowess led him to victory at the ‘Concours International de Guitare’ in Paris in 1978, a win that marked just the beginning of his illustrious career.

The world then became his stage, performing with elite orchestras such as London’s Royal Philharmonic, Tokyo’s Japan Philharmonic, and New York’s Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Under the baton of legendary conductors like Sir Alexander Gibson and Claudio Abbado, Söllscher’s guitar sang in harmonious dialogue with some of the most celebrated ensembles across the globe.

Söllscher’s repertoire is also incredibly rich and diverse, spanning eras from the Renaissance to the modern day. Imagine the sonic beauty of Bach flowing seamlessly into the timeless melodies of the Beatles, all under the command of his strings.

His musical voyages have taken him beyond European borders, enchanting audiences in Japan, China, the Americas, and beyond. With a career dotted with album releases, global tours, and a place in the Royal Swedish Academy of Music—not to mention his role as a mentor at the University of Lund—Söllscher’s legacy is a beacon for aspiring guitarists.

Want to listen more from the talented artist? Here’s his YouTube channel for you to take a peek.

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