Debbii Dawson’s Unique Rendition Of “Dancing Queen” Leaves Audiences Speechless

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 3, 2024

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a remarkably talented singer, songwriter, and musician named Debbii Dawson who captured the spotlight during the seventeenth season of America’s Got Talent.

Debbii stunned Abba enthusiasts with her unique approach. As she introduced herself as a singer-songwriter, anticipation filled the air. However, instead of delivering a typical rendition, she chose to showcase her skills by performing a mesmerizing, acoustic rendition of Abba’s iconic hit, “Dancing Queen” – a challenging song to tackle, let alone improve upon.

The atmosphere grew tense as she delicately strummed her guitar, but then she astounded everyone with her brilliant arrangement of the beloved classic. She impressed all the judges during the audition with her beautiful rendition of Abba’s Dancing Queen, performed at a slower tempo. As a result, all four judges were in complete agreement and unanimously voted to advance her to the next round.

Sophie Vergara said, “There’s something about you. I wouldn’t mind listening to your voice all day long. It’s amazing, I love it.” Unfortunately, due to very strong competition, Debbii was eliminated from the show just before the semi-finals. She was extremely popular with music lovers around the world, though.

Debbii’s audition video on AGT garnered over two million views on YouTube within the first 24 hours of its upload. Her performance was truly exceptional, especially considering the pressure of performing in front of the four judges and a live audience. Debbii was affected by nothing and delivered a mind-blowing performance that left everyone in awe.

One YouTube viewer commented, “What a voice. Even a dead soul will wake up to hear this voice before going back to die. What a unique voice. This is so powerful. Girl your voice can raise the dead. I have to listen to this audition more than 2 times. I love her voice, smile, eyes, and beauty.”

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