TOP 10 Movie Songs From ‘The Voice Kids’ That Will Leave You In Awe

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 22, 2024

Allow These Ten Talented Kids To Elevate Your Mood & Open Your Heart With Inspiring Movie Song Magic From ‘The Voice Kids’.

Movie songs are often the hardest to recreate, especially when a young star tries to own the track as their very own. With expectations set high for all our favorite movie soundtracks, this selection of child stars delivers ten amazing movie songs that you have to hear.

Starting off with songs like ‘Over The Rainbow,’ these stars deliver an amazing range of iconic tracks. Look away and listen, and you’ll be convinced that you’re listening to someone that’s four to five times the age of each of these ten ‘The Voice Kids’ contestants.

Let these children take you through a trip down memory lane singing all the best movie soundtracks we all love and remember. From Elvis Presley reinterpreted to blind auditions that flash forward to more modern moments such as ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ sung as you’ve never heard it before – this compilation shows that talent knows no age.

You can look forward to songs full of soul, such as the young Bella singing the legendary Jennifer Hudson Dreamgirls hit, ‘‘And I’m Telling You.’ Yet, just a little ahead in this movie song mix and there’s upbeat light-hearted fun like the ‘Cup Song’ from Anna Kendrick done beautifully by little Larissa.

From pop cult classics to love songs that often steal the show from the movie itself, these kids sing it all. There’s no denying the power behind the youthful delivery of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow, nor the love put into any of these emotional, spellbinding tracks.

A complete timeline of unforgettable movie songs is supplied by these ten ‘The Voice Kids’ contestants. You’re given everything ranging from cult hits like ‘Stayin’ Alive’ from the ‘Bee Gees’ to songs from the golden age of film and music like Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You.’ You won’t find better movie song covers than this.

Watch a compilation that gives you the top ten movie songs ever sung on ‘The Voice Kids’ from all around the world.

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