‘Voice’ Contestant Ruby Leigh Says She’s ‘Complete’ After Reba McEntire Cried During Her Performance

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 13, 2024

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Ruby Leigh and Reba
Ruby Leigh; Reba McEntire. PHOTO: TRAE PATTON/NBC

Reba McEntire is a proud coach.

On Monday night’s episode of The Voice, contestant Ruby Leigh took the stage to perform one of McEntire’s hit heartbreak songs “You Lie” — and she brought her coach to tears!

“It touched my heart. I’m like [sigh of relief], ‘At least I did a good job. I made Reba happy — I’m complete,” Leigh, 16, tells PEOPLE after the show.

“You blew it out of the water,” the “Does He Love You” singer said as she wiped away tears on the show. “Gwen [Stefani] and I are bawling!”

After her performance, McEntire, 68, walked up to Leigh and they shared a sweet embrace. Speaking to PEOPLE, she reflected on that moment.

“Walking off she was just telling me that I did everything that she told me to and that she was really proud of me,” she says.

Leigh adds, “She said I really connected with her on that song and she really felt it so that was one of the highlights for me.”

Reba McEntire on The Voice.TRAE PATTON/NBC

She also opened up about her relationship with the country star.

“Reba is the sweetest person ever. She is like pumpkin pie as a person. She is so awesome. She has also taught me so much. The knowledge she has is incredible,” Leigh says.

“One thing for sure is she helps me get grounded into the emotion of a song. Not just singing it like you’re sad — you’re an actor when you’re onstage too. Her crying during my playoff, she said she finally knew what it was like for her mom to be so proud of her,” she continues. “She treats me so well. I don’t think I could’ve picked another coach.”

Speaking to PEOPLE ahead of show, McEntire says she gave her contestants — Leigh, Jacquie Roar and Jordan Rainer — a pep talk before their first live show.

“I told ’em to have fun. You are prepared. And I really didn’t have to do much,” she says. “They are prepared in the way they know their material, they show up on time. And that’s all you can ask for.”

On Tuesday night, three of the 12 contestants who performed on Monday will be sent home. The episode will air at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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