Wall of Lasting Friendship Between Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 7, 2024

Existing friendship in a world as full of gossip as showbiz is extremely extraordinary, not to mention a friendship of the opposite sex. However, this is entirely possible when we see the lasting friendship between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. It is like a solid wall that two people build together in a world full of gossip and scandal.

No one is unfamiliar with these two famous names in the world music industry. Ms. Taylor “has many talents and many disabilities”, with a list of lovers that can be said to be the second longest in showbiz. Every time a love story ends, she releases a new song that tops famous charts. And Ed Sheeran is a name that stays away from gossip and frivolous glamor in the music world. Although his appearance is not very handsome, his musical works have become phenomenal and have influenced many music lovers.

Taylor and Ed-2's table top

Ed Sheeran isn’t the only close friend Taylor has, and neither does Taylor. Taylor has many friends in all fields such as actress, MC, model,… But! Ed certainly has a very important place in her heart. Many people still know Taylor as the singer with the most complicated love life in showbiz. Every time she announces her feelings for someone, some malicious people criticize her. They wonder if in a few months we will hear a new song again, how long this feeling will last. They even questioned the relationship between her and Ed: Love? Or friendship? Let’s not talk about Taylor’s love story, all we see here is just the pure friendship between her and Ed. The kind of love that only two soulmates can understand each other and ignore all detractors.

Taylor and Ed-4's tabletop

The combination of a flashy girl like Taylor Swift and a simple, reserved guy like Ed Sheeran turns out to create perfection. What could be more suitable than when two people who seem to have nothing in common are so incredibly compatible? Taylor’s gentleness, gentleness, but a bit of personality makes Ed’s life more exciting, inspiring him to create more excellent works. On the contrary, Ed Sheeran’s calmness also makes Taylor know how to control herself and become calm in the face of life’s storms.

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The clearest proof of their collaboration must be “Everyting Has Changed” – One of the songs that Taylor Swift collaborated with Ed Sheeran to compose. The song entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 32 and appeared in the top 10 charts of many countries around the world including Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Ed also toured with Taylor on the Red Tour and this made their friendship even closer. Every year on their birthdays, the two give each other the most sincere and sincere wishes, making fans feel happy about their friendship. On Ed’s 25th birthday, Taylor also shared about Ed Sheeran always running into her room with new music in his hand: “I don’t think he knows how much it means to me when he wants I listen to my own songs first. And he probably didn’t know that his endless passion for creativity inspired me.” Their friendship is shown like that, shown from the smallest things.

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The friendship between the two has quietly passed over time, occasionally we see news that Taylor publicly announced a certain guy in the newspaper, and Ed Sheeran secretly got engaged to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. However, finding a close friend who understands you is still a wonderful thing in life. When one of us stumbles or even fails, our friend is still there to encourage and encourage us. Like Taylor Swift once trusted and helped Ed balance his emotions. When he was just a singer with red hair, his appearance was not as handsome and influential as he is now.

It doesn’t need anything big, simply a moderate life, a stable relationship, and words of encouragement, that’s what Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran can give each other and nurture their love together. Friend. A beautiful friendship will always exist and defy time.

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