Watch As Kelly Clarkson And Teddy Swims Deliver One Of The Best Duets Ever On Air

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 14, 2024

Kelly Clarkson has become an emblem of American culture, seamlessly transitioning from a celebrated singer-songwriter to the beloved host of The Kelly Clarkson Show. Here, Clarkson engages with celebrities and everyday people alike, interspersing engaging conversations and proposing interviews. Her genuine demeanor and the unexpected musical moments are particularly cherished by her audience. Today, let’s dive into one of the show’s standout performances, which surprisingly ended in an unexpected duet.

In a special episode, Teddy Swims joined the show to mark the release of his first album, “I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1).” Fans were in for a treat as Swims and Clarkson teamed up for a duet of “Lose Control” from his album. This collaboration not only served as a great platform for Swims to introduce his work but also showcased a seamless vocal harmony between the two. Clarkson skillfully let Swims lead, celebrating his music while also adding her unique touch. Experience their phenomenal duet here:

Their performance was nothing short of soul-stirring. Teddy Swims, with his distinctive voice, proved why he’s considered one of the most promising talents of the new era. Both Swims and Clarkson delivered an unforgettable rendition of the song. Clarkson, ever the gracious host, mostly stepped aside to spotlight Swims, yet their voices blended beautifully, especially in the powerful finale of the performance. The songstress’ talent for singing clearly hasn’t gone anywhere!

Kelly Clarkson is such a charismatic host, young people nowadays often forget that she used to be an even more successful singer. Emerging as a powerhouse in the music industry after clinching the title on the inaugural season of American Idol in 2002, Clarkson has since flourished as a singer-songwriter, author, and television personality. Her journey from a hopeful contestant to a beloved American icon was catapulted by her victory, with hits like “Because of You” and “Stronger” cementing her status in the annals of pop music history.

The Kelly Clarkson Show has become a platform for showcasing talent across the spectrum, not just from the music industry but beyond. Besides Teddy Swims, other icons such as Michael Buble and the Grammy Award-winning artist VICTORY have graced the stage, alongside figures from other fields like British chef Jamie Oliver and motivational speaker Jay Shetty, illustrating the show’s diverse appeal.

Meanwhile, Jaten Colin Dimsdale, known professionally as Teddy Swims, is another talent who has made waves on Clarkson’s show. With a unique sound that traverses R&B, country, and soul, Swims has quickly gained acclaim, despite having released just one studio album. His debut, “I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1),” made impressive chart appearances in Australia and New Zealand.

Following the album’s release, Swims embarked on an international tour, touching down in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and more, showcasing his rising star status. Want to listen more from the man himself? Consider following his YouTube Channel.

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