Watch: Little Girl’s Adorable Reaction To Woman Playing Violin Is Winning Hearts

ByQuyen Anne

Oct 10, 2023

A video of a little girl adorably reacting to a woman playing the violin is making rounds on social media, and netizens are in love with it.


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The internet has a vast collection of adorable and amazing collection of videos. The platform never fails to make us delighted. Once we sit online, we can spend hours watching those videos.

Now such an adorable video of a little girl reacting to a woman’s violin performance is going viral over the internet. The video has made the netizens delighted, and they loaded the comments section with lovely comments.

Little Girl Reaction video | महिला को वॉयलिन बजाते देख मंत्र मुग्ध हुई छोटी बच्ची, करीब आकर दिया ऐसा रिएक्शन; Video ने जीता लोगों का दिल | Navabharat (नवभारत)

In the video, a violist named Melissa Voyias from Sydney, Australia can be seen performing at a ceremony. The people gathered at the ceremony can be seen enjoying her outstanding and soulful performance. But as the camera shifts to the crowd, a little girl can be seen gazing at Melissa as she has been mesmerised by her performance.

Melissa notices her, gives a lovely smile, and performs the rest of her soulful rendition, looking at the little one. As she completes her performance, the little girl runs toward Melissa and offers a wholesome hug. The audience gathered at the ceremony applauded her and left in awe after watching the young girl’s reaction. Take a look at the delightful video:

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