The Voice is just weeks into airing season 25, and fans can’t get enough of the talent vying for a spot in the competition. But every once in a while, the coaches don’t need to turn around in the red chair to find themselves emotional during the blind auditions.

During the March 5 episode of the hit NBC series, former Kidz Bop singer William Alexander got on stage to try and impress coaches Reba McEntire, John Legend, Chance the Rapper and Dan and Shay in order to score a spot on one of their teams. As he performed a moving rendition of Lizzy McAlpine’s “Ceilings” in memory of his grandfather, it didn’t take long for all the mentors to turn their chairs and attempt to have him join their rosters.

When it came time for Reba to give the 16-year-old feedback, viewers saw her visibly in awe of how he was able to keep his composure during a stirring moment in his life.

“Were you thinking about your grandfather?” she asked William. “Because when I sing a song and I’m thinking about my mama … I start gasping and then I cant sing anymore. How did you do that?”

“I just pictured him hearing this and seeing me do this. It just made me feel so proud to be here,” William replied.

“Wonderful. You’re gonna have somebody with you all the time. Now I’m getting choked up and I’m gonna have to start talking very high! I thought you did a great job, your voice is a beautiful gift,” Reba continued.

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Much like Reba, fans were equally enamored with how he was able to sing with so much emotion.

“My favorite blind so far. The emotion filled every word he sang. Just beautiful,” one person declared on YouTube. “He literally gave me chills all over my body with his tone! I love his tone!” another agreed. “I need a whole album right now. His voice is so very special!” a different viewer added.

As for who William eventually chose for his coach, it was the woman who related to him as he sang with his grandfather in mind. Now, we just have to wait to see what kind of musical magic he and Reba make together down the road!