10-Year-Old Sits At The Piano At The Titanic Museum, Leaving The Entire Room In Amazement

Byvu lita

Mar 18, 2024

You know a musician is good when a silence falls over the place he is playing in.

And while that’s pretty normal for the professionals, kids who can play an instrument don’t often find themselves surrounded by a stunned crowd.

But this 10-year-old kid did just that, and in a museum too.


His name is Logan Rich and he just took everyone’s breath away with a melodious piece that could take you to a far off land in a different time.

A gentleman in uniform, who looks like he works in the museum, stands by the piano when he lets the kid play.

And even he is mesmerized by what he is witnessing.

Not bad for a kid who’s “just started” according to him.


Like any normal 10-year-old, Rich loves ice hockey, baseball, his family and their dogs Flare and Mandy.

But the moment he sits and plays the piano, there is magic that happens.

The difficulty of learning the piano varies based on factors like prior musical experience, practice time, age, natural aptitude, and goals.


Starting with basic skills is relatively achievable, but progressing to more complex melodies and advanced proficiency requires consistent practice and dedication.

Factors influencing difficulty include musical background, practice commitment, age, natural talent, and goals.

Patience and consistent practice are key to overcoming challenges and becoming skilled.


Some adults don’t progress too far, while some give up learning altogether.

Then you have Rich at ten who could play at those posh concerts.

He is unreal!


Rich is so good, a fan of his left this observation in the comments,

“Wow…that was insanely good. You floored the entire room, could see the shock move through the room and shortly give way to emotion. The piece played certainly fit where you were. Seeing the black and white pictures in the far background, that music fit beautifully.”

He has them on the tip of his fingers, with each key beautifully singing a melody that sounds too good to be true.


Phenomenal, according to the gentleman in uniform, and he is so right.

Kids who display exceptional talent and skill in playing the piano often exhibit a combination of natural aptitude, early exposure to music, and dedicated practice.

Rich does say that he does put in the work, but he’s only ten!


Consistent practice and dedication are still crucial for long-term growth and success, but at his age, this kid is going places.

Rich tells the gentleman the title of the piece he played but it’s barely audible, so if you know it, search up the original recording and compare it to this young man’s version.

But we bet it’s just as good.


Just look at him, in his baseball cap, shirt, and shorts. He should be playing video games!

We’re glad he chose to sit in front of a piano instead of a gaming console though.

Rich is someone to watch out for in a few years, and let’s hope he pursues a musical career.

Watch and listen to this talented young man below!

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