Blind Autistic Boy Brought On Stage By His Father, and The Audience Burst Into Tears Over His Song Choice

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Apr 24, 2024

Christopher Duffley is a name many do not know but certainly should.  He is a talented young boy with a pure singing voice who just so happens to be blind and autistic, too. However, it isn’t his disabilities that set him apart from his peers, but his wonderfully kind and warm nature which those who know him have always cherished.

A boy like no other …

Christopher Duffley was mute until first grade so the fact he’s saying anything at all, let alone singing, is a miracle in and of itself. It is, however, a known phenomenon among mute autists that music will often be the trigger to start them talking in some form or another. Nobody is quite sure why this is but it’s safe to say there’s something special about music that brings people together.

A rough start …

As Christopher’s step-father describes in the video below, he had so many odds against him as soon as he was born. Christopher’s birth parents struggled with addiction and he was born prematurely with cocaine in his system as a result. Luckily, his Aunt stepped in when his parents accepted they were unable to take care of their son. She called on the Lord to ask for help and guidance and that’s just what he provided.

Ever since then, she has raised Christopher as her own, giving him every opportunity she can!

Despite his rough start in life, Christopher has shown what a fighting spirit he has. When they realized he was mute, his family feared he would never be able to find a place in society. But then the music came to him.

Christopher’s family were shocked to discover he had not only perfect pitch but never missed a beat!

“We went down to Florida and took him out of the foster care system.” said his uncle, introducing him before a performance. “He’s been a blessing to our family and he loves to share his gifts.”


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Christopher has now become an advocate for people with autism and uses his musical talent to raise awareness.

Touching people’s hearts all around the world, Christopher is able to work for his church and the autistic community. But more importantly, he is doing what he enjoys most: Touching people’s hearts with his emotional voice and beautiful musical performances.

You can watch Christopher’s emotional performance in the video below:

What a talented young man! Be sure to show this video to your friends and family to spread the love. Let everyone know about this young talent!

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