Ed Sheeran Fulfills 6-Year-Old’s Wildest Birthday Dreams!

Byvu lita

Mar 11, 2024

Ren Lamoreaux’s 6th birthday was just around the corner and his mom, Alex, wanted to give him something special. Ren made this no easy task. When asked what he’d like for his birthday, Ren answered simply:

Ed Sheeran.

Moms around the world know the feeling of receiving a request that seems far out of reach, but Alex took to TikTok to see what she could do.

After reaching out to Ed and garnering the support of thousands of viewers, Alex realized she had a chance to make Ren’s dream come true.

The now 6-year-old Ren is obsessed with Ed Sheeran and dreams of being a star one day.

“I don’t want a band, I want it to be just me,” he said, taking inspiration from his favorite singer.

When the day of Ren’s party arrived, a big box arrived on the porch of this Utah boy’s home.

@alex.lamx Replying to @Jen Ren’s reaction to his birthday present from @Ed Sheeran This has got to be one of the best experiences of our entire lives! My mama heart has been bursting with joy and gratitude. Sorry for the annoying mom voice???? but i was just so freaking excited for Ren I couldn’t help it!! You know Ren is genuinely happy when he goes kind of quiet like this, I love him so much. And obviously Tuck gets loud ???????? Will never be able to express my gratitude to every single person that made this happen for him???????????????? #edsheeran #edsheeranrecoveryy #edsheerantour #edsheeranbirthdayparty #edsheeranlive #kidsbirthday #kidsbirthdayparty #momlife #sahm #birthday #birthdaypartyplanning #surprise #partyplanning #summerparty #waterparty #kidsparty #birthdaypartytheme #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #edsheeranconcert #celebrity #partyplanningtips #feelgoodmoments ♬ original sound – Alexandra Lamoreaux ????

While Ed couldn’t make it to the party, he sent a thoughtful gift Ren’s way: a guitar!

Ren celebrated his sixth year with a music-themed bash, now completed by his very own instrument. He is now signed up for guitar lessons and is ready to make his dreams come true. Thanks, Ed!

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