“The Voice” Fans In Love This Singer’s Special Tone. Just Listen to Anya True’s Audition, and You’ll See

Byvu lita

Mar 12, 2024

A certain level of confidence is needed to audition for competitions like The Voice and, at 17 years old, Anya True has what it takes. Although her voice was shaky at times, her performance of Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez captivates the audience. In addition to her unique vocals, she also plays the electric guitar, something that Chance the Rapper and Dan + Shay get the chance to see first when they turn around for the young artist.

“That was a flawless performance,” Shay Mooney says. “I love the vulnerability. You have this Olivia Rodrigo kind of thing going on. Your voice is just phenomenal. I just love all the little imperfections that you had. They were…character. And they were very purposeful.”

Although Reba and John Legend pass on having Anya on their team, the 17-year-old is simply thrilled at the chance to chat with them, especially one of country’s biggest starts.

Anya True Delights The Voice Fans With Stand-Out Performance

“I think your voice is amazing,” Chance the Rapper says. “I really love all the falsetto and head-voice stuff that you were doing.”

Anya True looks surprised with her eyes wide, mouth open, and a hand to her chest.

Both Dan + Shay and Chance the Rapper do their best to win over this budding star but, in the end, it’s the duo she chooses — and fans, myself included, can’t wait to see how they help her take her talent to the next level!

“Her tone is so pleasing to the ear!” one fans writes. “She already has her own signature tone and I love it. Her choices were so pro to me!”

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