Father-Daughter Duo’s Performance Of ‘Angels We Have Heard (Glory Be)’ Is Mesmerizing Fans Around the World

Byvu lita

Oct 2, 2023

The video of a beautiful rendition of a Christmas song by a father-daughter duo brings the Christmas spirit to viewers worldwide. ‘Angels We Have Heard (Glory Be)’ is beautifully remastered in this outstanding video.

Mat and Savanna Shaw

Mat and Savanna Shaw is a musical duo from Kaysville, Utah. Mat, born in 1980, and his daughter, born in 2004, have angelic voices that compliment each other harmoniously through every note of the song.

Savanna was in a choir before the pandemic. When the pandemic struck, her choir practices were canceled, and she was devastated. She wanted to remain connected with her friends during the pandemic and created a social media account.

Mat and Savanna Shaw

It was through this account that she became famous. She asked her dad to sing a song,’ The Prayer’, with her and posted it online. The song became a viral sensation, and since then, the duo has been releasing more pieces together.

They have released various albums since then, and their popularity continues to grow. The duo was invited to appear on Good Morning America, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and a Japanese show.

Mat and Savanna Shaw

Viewers worldwide are enjoying the song, and comments are streaming in, congratulating and praising the pair. One viewer wrote: ‘A truly lovely song where everything is correct, and it has a very high degree of professional delivery in every respect!

It is not only the beautiful lyrics of this Christmas-themed song that brings the Christmas spirit out. It is also the beautiful music, voices, and the love between father and daughter that is clearly visible in this video.

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