One-Handed Violinist Delivers a Breathtaking Violin Performance with Grace

Byvu lita

Oct 2, 2023

A one-armed violinist named Manami Ito is inspiring people across the web with videos of her performing with a prosthetic arm. Ito’s ability to play dynamically and with nuance using the prosthetic arm is an amazing sight.

She initially lost her arm in a car accident. During that time, she studied to become a certified nurse in Japan and had to give up on her career. However, when she was taken to a facility to get her artificial arm, she was shocked at the people with disabilities who played basketball.

Ito’s missing limb does not appear to present any problem, as she uses a minimal prosthetic arm that moves as well as flexes smoothly with the archwire. Ito, whose video went viral with more than 5 million views, had already become an example of perseverance and strength, but this was only the beginning.

One-armed violinist

It is mind-boggling to know that she acquired the skills to play the violin with the aid of a prosthesis attached to her shoulder. Her dedication has won the hearts of Internet users around the world.

In addition, Manami Ito managed to graduate to become the first nurse with prosthetics in Japan. In this sense, Manami Ito is a woman of many talents; besides being a Japanese champion of Paralympic swimming and a nurse by profession, she also plays the violin wonderfully.

In this video, Manami plays Miyuki Nakajima’s Thread. Today, with her specially designed prosthesis, Manami travels through Japan to perform and share her passion for music.

Ito plays the violin beautifully, and it’s so pleasing to the ears. From this short video clip, it is clear to see how skillful she is as she strings the violin expertly. It is clear that no obstacle is too great for Manami Ito.

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