John Legend and Lindsey Stirling Deliver Musical Magic with a Unique Version of “All of Me”

Byvu lita

Apr 13, 2024

In 2014, the American singer-songwriter John Legend made his iconic ballad “All of Me” all the more powerful when he joined forces with YouTube violinist Lindsey Stirling for a truly magical rendition of his biggest hit. Recorded live from The Kennedy Center, Legend and Stirling created a night that fans would not soon forget, as they heard one of their favourite love songs.

“All of Me” is about as true a love song as you can find in modern music. It is a completely selfless profession of true love between two people, accepting each other for who they are, and creating a magical union as a result of that. It has been noted as one of the greatest love songs of all time, with many fans using it to describe the love that they have for their partners. Watch this beautiful version in the video below.

From the outset, we can see that this performance will be truly unforgettable! At the very end of John Legend’s performance, he asks the audience, “Is it okay if I do one more song?”, to which the audience screams in agreement and excitement! Little did they know that they were about to be treated to a very special version of “All of Me”, where both Legend and Stirling seem to complement each other’s musical styles beautifully.

John Legend is a renowned American singer-songwriter and pianist who catapulted to mainstream fame with the release of his 2013 single, “All of Me”. However, Love in the Future, the record that featured “All of Me”, was Legend’s fourth studio album. He had experienced a significant amount of success before this record’s release, but he became a musical powerhouse after this particular single was released to the world. He mainly worked behind the scenes with some of music’s biggest names, including providing

Alongside John Legend was violinist Lindsey Stirling, an accomplished musician who made the majority of her success through YouTube. She performs covers of popular songs, from classical to pop and rock, as well as releasing her own original work which has been a huge hit online. So much so that her debut album sold over 200,000 copies in Germany and won her a platinum certification.

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