Nervous Last Contestant Breaks Down In Tears On Stage Before Simon’s Critique

Byvu lita

Apr 9, 2024

When you watch The X Factor, you know that Simon Cowell can be a pretty tough judge. In fact, he is pretty famous for how tough he is. However, that is actually what makes him a great judge to begin with. You know that he isn’t just giving away praise left and right without actually meaning it! That brutal honesty was on display in 2016 during one of Olivia Garcia’s performances on The X Factor UK as part of the “6 Chair Challenge.”

When Simon does give praise to the contestants, you can tell that it is well-meaning and genuine. Since he doesn’t always give praise to everyone, it really means something when you hear it from him. Who wouldn’t want the famous Simon Cowell to actually offer encouragement and praise? One example is when he hit the golden buzzer for a 16-year-old cancer survivor. Not only was he excited to hit the buzzer, he even walked over to congratulate the young girl in person.

However, the X Factor UK 2016 6 Chair Challenge is a bit of a different situation. Simon is always faced with a hard decision to make, as he is in charge of bringing the contestant count all the way down to just six people. By the time that Olivia Garcia, the then 16-year-old girl, takes the stage, she is already faced with a horrifying sight. Every chair is filled. You can tell that she is very nervous when she takes the stage in front of the judges. She introduces herself and says that she is hoping to make Simon proud of her.

Simon can be heard telling the other judges that she appears to be nervoxus before the music even begins to play. However, this is where it all begins to change. It only takes a few notes for it to be clear that Garcia has a beautiful voice. Her incredible singing makes the audience go insane. The judges are not able to hide their obvious excitement at how well she can sing, and Simon already knows that he has to make a tough decision.

The look on his face is priceless! How is he ever going to choose the final six when she is just that good? You can watch the amazing video for yourself below. Once you hear how beautiful she can sing, you will understand why Simon had such a hard time with his decision!

What do you think about Olivia’s performance? Were you impressed by her amazing voice? Let us know in the comments and be sure to spread the word about this talented young girl!

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