Teens Sing Bocelli and Celine Dion’s ‘The Prayer’ and the Crowd Is Mesmerized By Their Performance

Byvu lita

Apr 9, 2024

Music is a powerful thing, and sometimes when two voices come together on one beautiful song it can become even more influential! In the case of these two kids, Noelle and Ryan, their voices come together so gracefully that the audience was awestruck by their performance, in this video from January 2020.

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Performing a song called The Prayer, they first decided that they needed to bring this song to the stage after playing around and singing it as a duet while spending time together. Although it may have just been a fun performance for them to enjoy with one another, these two shocked the audience with their sheer vocal talent! Nicole begins the song with her lovely voice and she quickly stole the hearts of the audience. Little did they know that once Ryan joined in, they would be in for an even better treat!

As you’d expect, once Ryan begins singing, he takes the song to the next level vocally and the audience was amazed by how well their voices worked together on the song. Even though Ryan and Noelle are young, they sang the song just as the duo of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli would, impressing even the most skeptical of audience members! It’s not often that a duo comes along who have voices that mesh together so seamlessly.

Even though the song has lyrics from two different languages, that didn’t seem to pose a problem for this young duo! They carried on their perfect pitch through two languages and the entire song! Together, their voices seemed immaculate.

Clearly, their time spent practicing singing this song was well worth it! Because they’ve likely practiced singing this song together for some time, their efforts showed through their final performance as it went off without a hitch! The couple nailed every note perfectly, never missing a beat as the song went on.

With the spotlight illuminating their young faces, not an eye in the crowd wasn’t on them and focused on their sheer talent! Clearly, their vocal abilities far surpass their ages. As the song goes on, the audience became more and more impressed with how powerful the voices of these young singers were. These two are clearly destined for greatness when it comes to their musical careers! You can watch their amazing duet in the video below.

What do you think about Ryan and Noelle’s performance? Pass this along to any singers you know!

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