Orchestra Conductor Rainer Hersch Makes the Crowd Cracking Up During Live Concert

Byvu lita

Dec 8, 2023

If you wanted to see a hilarious stand-up show and a classical concert, chances are you’d need to attend two different events. Thanks to orchestra conductor Rainer Hersch, he allows concert-goers to get the best of both worlds.

During a live performance, classical soprano singer Laura Ruhi Vidal joins Hersch on stage. She traveled all the way from Spain to London for the special event and was ready to give the crowd a show.

Rainer cracks a few jokes to loosen the audience up and shines the spotlight on Vidal. As soon as the gifted soprano begins singing, the entire theater is mesmerized by her enchanting vocals.

She surprised them with a spine-chilling rendition of the theme song from the hit television series, Star Trek. When her performance came to a close, the audience couldn’t help but roar with applause.

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