These Little Brothers Will Melt Your Heart With Their Beautiful Voices On Classic Hymn

Byvu lita

Apr 4, 2024

Taking children to church is one of the highlights in many parents’ lives. Having them share your faith and learn about Jesus and the sacrifice he made, is very gratifying. When do you start taking your children to church? Is there such a thing as taking them too young? Do they benefit from going there as babies or toddlers? Many people are convinced that they do.

After all, going to church is more of a spiritual experience than a physical one. The sooner they start experiencing the Presence of God, the better it will be for them. One of the things that Christian parents focus on with their kids is prayer. Prayer is one of the main pillars of Christianity. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is accomplished through prayer.

Many parents like to record these moments in which their children are learning how to pray. These videos give us heart-warming moments and moments of laughter. I remember watching one of these videos recently. It featured the father of two twin sisters. He had decided it was time for them to learn how to pray, so they could ask Jesus for anything they wanted, and to be able to say grace before a meal.

Before the video started, the father gave them instructions on how to carry it out. How to place their hands was the first thing they needed to learn. Then, the father gave them some simple ways of starting their prayer. He told them that the most important thing to do is to speak from the heart. He said them to try to pray as if God was right next to them.

The following video features a couple of little siblings. They are going to delight the crowd with their rendition of “He arose.” Everyone in attendance is taken by the sheer cuteness these two brothers display.

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