This Seven-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Can Play Entire Songs After Hearing Them Just Once!

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Mar 22, 2024

From nearly the moment she was born, it became clear that Zoë Erianna has a deep connection with music. According to the bio on her website, she had a perfect pitch. Now, at only 7 years old, Zoë Erianna is considered to be a prodigy on the piano. She’s taken her talents to many stages, including America’s Got Talent.

Although she didn’t win the competition, Zoë continues to pave her own path, having written 11 copywritten songs of her own. But when she isn’t crafting original music, she’s mimicking what she hears. Best of all, it only takes her one listen to do so with shocking accuracy!

It’s mind-blowing talent like this that continues to earn the 7-year-old an impressive following online. In fact, sometimes celebrities will take notice of the videos her parents share online.

That’s what happened when Zoë quickly learned how to play Beyoncé’s TEXAS HOLD ‘EM. To show her appreciation, the superstar sent the little girl flowers and a special handwritten note.

Piano Prodigy Wows Everyone With Her Incredible Talent — Including Beyoncé

“Your rendition of TEXAS HOLD ‘EM brought me so much joy!” the singer writes. “You are brilliant! Please keep it up! All my love, Beyoncé.”


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“It was never forced,” Zoë’s parents write of her musical skills. “She was always drawn to music … at age 1 [she] always wanted to play the piano with her daddy.”

With so much life ahead of her, there’s no telling what else this piano prodigy will accomplish. Whatever she chooses to do, though, she’s sure to succeed!

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