Vocalist Jimmie Herrod Captured Millions Of Hearts After Playing An Amazing Piano Piece

Byvu lita

Jan 18, 2024

America’s Got Talent’s golden buzzer winner, Jimmie Herod, strikes chords and hearts. The musician has earned his stripes as a talented singer with his song “Tomorrow” at AGT. This time, he serenades softly at his grand piano on the Ten Grand TV special.

He spins music from thin air that evokes tears while his fingers play dexterously at the keys. His voice and style are quite reminiscent of both Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston. No doubt both are sources of inspiration.

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter has released his album called Falling In Love and Learning to Love Myself. And he has also worked with big acts such as ODESZA. Jimmie Herod made his first single with Pink Martini.

Jimmie’s educational history in music is apparent in this song. He studied at the Cornish College of the Arts and obtained a Bachelor of Music degree. But not just that, Jimmie also has a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies.

If there were musical legends, this singer certainly qualifies. With a gentle but powerful voice, many people wonder why he didn’t win AGT. Very few performers can match this heavenly voice.

His style harmoniously tells stories. Herod remakes Tony Bennett’s ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing?’ refreshing, more modern take. You can tell that he feels the words, and they come from his heart.

Herod’s humility and personality attract fans from different walks of life. He is also openly gay and has expressed how difficult it was growing up so. But he was also once shy to sing. To think that an artist of this calibre could ever be!

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