“You’re Twelve?!?!”: Unbelievable Rendition of ‘The Sound of Silence’

Byvu lita

Jan 18, 2024

Anyone can create incredible music, and that’s how the 12-year-old pianist could wow the train station audience. He played his cover of “Sound of Silence,” one of the most amazing songs written by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

The sound of a beautiful piano cover of your most loving song could calm your nerves on a bad day. It becomes more thrilling that it’s played in a random place like a train station. You could be pleased when the most unexpected person finds your music alluring to recreate.

Cole Lam, this young man, made his piano arrangement and played his cover to “Sound of Silence.” “Sound of Silence,” originally written by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel in 1964 and first performed in 1965, is a famous classical song.

Cole Lam

Cole Lam played the song in St Pancras International, London, where passersby had to stop to listen to his music. He was talented with the keys. He played in public and revived people’s memories with his calm and subtle arrangements.

He expressed the music in a beautiful, haunting, and dark way,, which was moving. It felt like music from the soul, not just his memory. He said he didn’t play with any music sheets, meaning that the song came from within him.

Seeing him, passersby waited and listened to him. A woman leaned towards him and asked for his age. When he said he was twelve, they were shocked and,, at the same time, expressed pride in what he does.

His father came close and appreciated passersby for staying to listen to and enjoy Cole Lam’s performance. Cole now has a large following on YouTube, and his performance has a million views. Everyone enjoyed the arrangements and rendition.

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